Quick and dirty, in numbered list:

  1. I’m absolutely exhausted. Wiped out. Insert other “tired” synonyms here; I don’t have the energy to think of any more (or even go for a thesaurus).
  2. My classes this semester seem manageable so far. The one class I fully expect to struggle with is my third (and thankfully last) semester of Spanish, which is taught by a very talented professor…who also happens to have a thick accent and speaks so rapidly that it’s often difficult to catch everything he says, let alone comprehend it. If I make it through this class, I expect to be able to communicate in a practical situation.
  3. I’m actually quite excited about the opportunities I will have for teaching this semester. My cooperating professor for CWRR (see here) is doing an excellent job of making connections between that course and the Classical Traditions course I’m also taking with her. I’m also thoroughly excited about the work I’ll be doing in preparation for student teaching, one for a Teacher Work Sample I’ll need to complete (which will include a unit to teach) and the other for another unit I’ll be teaching. (Of course, I might be less enthusiastic when it comes down to hammering them out. We’ll see.)
  4. Last point: The honors CWRR class today was interesting to observe. Being freshmen coming out of the school’s exhaustive (and exhausting) First Week, they were somewhat distracted and very intimidated. Still, they seemed like they could be a lively bunch, and it will be interesting to see how they expand from personal writing to personal research (interviewing) to professional research (research paper). I don’t know what to expect thus far, but I think it will be a rewarding experience in the long run.

That’s day one – we’ll see how things come together tomorrow.