Today was the first time meeting my cooperating teacher for student teaching, who I’ll also be doing an internship with this semester in preparation. (And yes, I did get fingerprinted – inklessly! – before going.)

My first impression of the teacher, Mrs. B, was tempered by loads of positive words from both former students (now my classmates and fellow candidates) and faculty who have taught her and/or worked with her. (She fortunately received good words about me as well!) That aside, she’s a perfectly lovely person, and she was more than encouraging when discussing the classroom atmosphere and her previous experiences with student teachers (I’m #11 for her – good to know!). We discussed many things, including a large project to be completed during student teaching, which will probably be centered around a unit on 1984. (It’s not like I haven’t had ideas…)

I’m fortunate in lots of ways here: to have an experienced and well-liked coop, to be teaching honors/AP sections (along with one middle school class with another teacher), and (among other things) to be in a district and classroom with technology! She mentioned today that she has a “mimeo board” (what I know as a “Smart Board“) which she hasn’t quite worked out using yet, and I think I’ll be taking her up on her offer to help get it working.

This is going to be fun.