Like I said yesterday, things work in cycles. I’m back up now.

For one, I solved the problem with a few of my students, and I’m almost glad that it worked out this way because I got to talk to one in particular and know have a better understanding of his personal situation. I cannot forget that each student has their individual issues and struggles, and I need to be more aware of them – for every student.

The other really nice thing today is that I didn’t have to teach anything today: all four of my high school classes have been doing Poetry Out Loud today. The results have been impressive, especially the juniors, who have had some real standouts. (The funny thing is that most of them have never done this before, and the seniors have – but the seniors don’t care as much, I think, by virtue of being in their last semester of high school). Moreover, individual students – ones who I didn’t expect to put much work into the activity – have surprised me rather pleasantly.

Now I have the weekend to do more planning, for the end of our transcendentalism unit and for our continuing research unit. I also intend on changing seating charts – despite many of the students saying they don’t want new seats – because we need a change in at least a few of the classes. But at least I know I can keep my head up, prepare for another easy day on Monday (more poetry), and get ahead of the game. And I’m glad that things are looking up.