Despite being a Monday (which apparently are at least good for some), today was a pretty decent day. We moved through the rest of our Poetry Out Loud recitations, which turned out quite excellent (well, at least for the juniors; the seniors sort of phoned it in, with some notable exceptions). I’m really proud of a lot of our kids, many of whom didn’t like the idea but still put forth an effort as well as a good showing. I’ll be excited to see how our classroom winners do at the school contest later this week.

Now we get into the fun stuff: The seniors are moving very quickly into more research, and I’m going to have to push them pretty hard. The paper, which is 8-12 pages in length, will be due in a little over two weeks, and we’re very much in the initial stages right now. I have to keep telling myself that we need to keep moving because I’ve been very tempted to hold back, and I can’t do that.

The juniors, on the other hand, are continuing the unit on transcendentalism, and I have to get an assessment ready. I have really struggled with this unit despite being fairly familiar with the works we’ve studied, and I think this is because I haven’t been very assessment-minded. This needs to change, and quickly. I do sort of have a plan, though, and now I just need to implement it myself. (Isn’t that the tricky part?)

It really makes me wonder how other teachers handle planning and assessments. I seem to be thinking about discrete lessons rather than the big picture of units, and that is a serious problem. But nevertheless, I press on, and I’m confident that I can turn things around this week.

Let’s hope I’m right this time.