This week has been an attempt at (re-)organization; we had to do midterms this week, which was a task since I hadn’t been keeping up on late work. We played catch-up for that and made some decent progress. There’s been some sickness going around (some of which I’ve had – I’m mostly better now), and so there has been no shortage of makeup work to get worked out.

The organization efforts haven’t just been that sort of logistical issues, though; I have sort of a break in instruction since we’re watching Moby-Dick (the adaptation starring Patrick Stewart as Ahab) with the juniors, and I’ve needed to get caught up for AP English IV. The research paper is about a week away – and boy, the anticipation on grading those is practically killing me – and I’ve needed to have a rubric for them to go on. We do intros tomorrow, so this has been a pretty high priority.

So I got a cover sheet ready for that tonight. I don’t know if I’m thoroughly pleased with it, but at least it will work. If I need to make changes, I still have time, but I hope I don’t need it.

I am, however, very aware of some of these little deficiencies I have. Attendance is a little issue that I struggle with slightly, and while my co-op is great about helping me with that so I can get going on instruction, I wonder if this is really helping me (and I may have to tell her so). To a degree, I understand that this experience is about learning the game of teaching, but I really do want to experience it as fully as possible. I’m five weeks in, and I know that this will end far too soon for my liking, so I want to get everything out of it that I possibly can. To paraphrase Thoreau, I want to suck the marrow out of my student teaching and know in the end that I gained as much experience as I could.

We’ll see how tomorrow goes. It’s do-or-die time, and I need to make sure I don’t drop the ball. After next week, I can breathe a little easier on instruction when I can go to my already-mostly-prepared 1984 unit for the seniors (of course, using that time to grade research papers), but now, it’s time to keep buckling down.

Now, to see if (contrary to popular belief) the weary can actually get some rest…