I said before student teaching started that my goal would be to blog every day of my student teaching. It is becoming more apparent to me that this is an ambitious but probably somewhat unrealistic goal for me, at least right now.

Lots of things have happened lately that I could write about and probably should write about, but I’m starting to feel guilty about my use of time. I have less than a week to finish grading all of these research papers, and progress is far too slow. I have a long weekend ahead to work, but I’m fairly certain that I can’t depend on that. Furthermore, the only times I seem to get anything written are times like these, late at night when I really should be sleeping. This bad habit of staying up too late trying to work is partially responsible for this sickness that I have been struggling with for a few days. (The real reason is that my oldest son brought it home from school and infected all of us, but my body is usually better at fighting off these ailments.)

So I’m just going to come clean about the matter – I will continue to attempt this blogging-every-day deal, but I’m not going to hold myself to it so stringently that I can’t get my real work done. Maybe in a week or so, I can re-evaluate, but I’ll let things happen as they will.

Now, rest awaits the weary.