Okay, remember when I was modestly freaking out over the fact that a district had already hired someone even though the application deadline hadn’t come up and how I panicked and sent out applications to every conceivable school that I would be qualified to teach within a reasonable radius?

This was actually a really good thing.

That extra stimulus* helped motivate me to get applications out, and now I’ve had two interviews at local districts (both of which have gone moderately well, I think – we’ll see if I’m right soon enough). Better yet, I had a third school contact me today about interviewing this week, and it was absolutely vital that I didn’t wait on this one: the job posting had an application deadline of June 26th, but obviously, they’re interviewing a little early. (Just a little.)

So, here’s my advice to anyone who’s going to be looking for jobs now or anytime soon: Do not – I repeat, do not – wait when it comes to applications for teaching positions. Really, this should be somewhat commonsensical – districts are going to want to start looking sooner rather than later in order to find the best possible candidate. If you even want to be considered, then you need to get jobs in as soon as you have your credentials in order. (Related piece of advice #2: Bug people about letters of recommendation early! Incessantly, if you must.)

The payoff for me is as such: 1) I have two schools that I have a possibility of hearing back from for a second interview, both of which are a comparable distance away (which is to say that they’re both pretty far away, and I have no plans to relocate anytime soon) and which have their own pros and cons, and 2) I have an interview with a third school which is somewhat closer in distance. And if for some reason none of those pan out (although I am hopeful), I’m going to a job fair this week where another local school district will be represented so that I can get my name (and resume!) there in case anything opens up.

It stands that the job outlook is much better, and I’m glad for that. We’ll see how things turn out and what kinds of decisions I’ll have to make from here.

*I hate using that word after everything this year, but it fits. Sue me.