Finally, I can rest easy.

Some updates: As of this morning, I’ve had interviews at three schools, the last of which was a follow-up interview at the first school who asked me to interview. The second interview, which was with the principal and the junior high English teacher, went well, by my estimation, and I was told that they would make their decision by Friday.

Later, my co-operating teacher from student teaching called me to say that the principal of this school had left her a message to ask about me, and I found out that my university supervisor had also been contacted. Whatever these two said, it was apparently good – good enough to convince the principal that I am the right candidate for the job.

Yes, that’s right – I was offered a position. Better yet, I accepted it.

So, come August, I will be the only full-time high school English teacher for a small district in rural Illinois. I am getting new textbooks for three out of the four courses I’ll be teaching (the other is an elective course that is comprised of a semester of intensive writing and a semester of novels), so I will have a great deal of flexibility over what I will teach – and the summer to figure out exactly what that will be. The district is also surprisingly well equipped for their size in terms of technology, and the district makes use of Moodle (which I’m fairly familiar with) for various things, which makes me glad that I have the experience with technology and possibly the opportunity to make use of it.

I’m pretty excited about this development. Gone are the worries of a year of substitute teaching; I have a position in a school that feels comfortable, with staff and – perhaps most importantly – administration that I feel very confident about working with.

And somewhat coincidentally, my old job that I’ll be working over the summer confirmed that I’ll be working full-time, most likely with a schedule that will be incredibly convenient. (Although juggling the planning will be interesting…)

And I graduate in four days.

This calls for a celebration.