I am in the middle of things.

I am finished but not quite done; I am moving forward but still stuck in place; I have everything in place but can’t take hold of it yet.

Let me explain briefly (since WordPress ate this entry initially – I am shaking my proverbial fist at you, WordPress.com): On Sunday, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Education (Summa Cum Laude, I’m proud to say), and I even have the actual diploma despite rumors that we’d be receiving them in the mail later. (Even our student speaker was under that impression, mentioning it in his speech [which was excellent, I must add].)

On the previous Thursday, I began my final undergrad course, a 2-week immersion course on early adolescents and middle school philosophy that will allow me to be certified 6-12 (which doesn’t seem all that useful now that I’ve secured a secondary teaching position, but I’ll concede that it might later). As soon as the course is finished, I begin my interim job – yet another middling position – before my teaching position officially starts in August.

With all of this coursework – a total of six significant projects, with deadlines ranging from this coming Friday to the following Thursday – I haven’t had much time to think about what I’ll be doing all summer long, which is planning the curricula for the courses I’ll be teaching in the fall, but what time I have had has raised a number of questions. How will I handle grammar instruction? (The junior high teacher uses a model of explicit instruction, which I distrust because of what I’ve read on the subject. On the other hand, there probably should be some continuity, so I need to know how the freshman English teacher handles grammar.) Will there be any literature that I’ll be fully expected to teach (e.g. Julius Caesar for sophomores, To Kill a Mockingbird for juniors)? What class sets are available to supplement the textbooks the school has just bought? Will I be teaching the current elective novels/writing course, and if so, what class sets will I have available to use for that class? These are only a few of the many questions that have come to mind that I need to have answered.

But for now, I’m stuck trying to get all these other seemingly irrelevant projects done before I can even start seriously thinking about these things, and it frustrates me because that’s what I really want to do. (Yes, I just said that I want to plan curriculum, and yes, I’m sure I couldn’t have imagined saying that six months ago.)

Maybe that’ll be good motivation. I have a feeling I’ll need it.