Looks like I’m on the home stretch on the road to certification: the certification officer at my alma mater notified me today that my application has been received, and I went online and finished the next step (including paying $30 to process it – I guess I’m helping to diminish the effects of the state budget crisis on education). I now have a certificate number and should be receiving the print copy in the next few days. All that I should have to do from there is send in official transcripts (which are already on their way to me) and register my certificate in the region I’ll be teaching (which will be another fee…give me a break, ISBE).

So I’m certified now (as opposed to certifiable – ha!), with a 6-12 secondary certificate and endorsements in English language arts (6-12) and, somewhat inexplicably, middle school social science. (I’m fairly sure the social science endorsement is an error and have notified the certification officer so it can be corrected if necessary, but I would be thrilled to find out that I managed to get an extra endorsement without realizing it. [Update, 6/11: The certification officer informed that I did manage to get a sufficient number of credits for a middle school social science endorsement. Whether or not I would ever use it is an entirely separate matter, but now I can put it on my résumé. Huzzah!])

It’s nice to have that whole mess behind me. Now I can look forward to getting re-certified in a few years! (Move on, folks, nothing to see, certainly not any sarcasm.)