Given that I’m going to be teaching at a very small rural school starting in August, I thought I would post an excerpt from a guest post (although you should read the whole thing) over at So You Want to Teach?:

To summarize, I love rural schools because…

  1. They’re small and you get to know the students and their families.
  2. You see students outside the school context.
  3. You get to teach a wide selection of courses.
  4. The culture is that education is opportunity.
  5. There is lots of room out here to breathe!
  6. Classroom management is easier.
  7. Students and their parents (mostly) recognize the value of hard work.
  8. I’m quite conservative, so I’m comfortable in this conservative culture.
  9. I have quite a lot of freedom to teach as I see fit.
  10. My students are ready and willing to be pushed to their potential.

There are plenty of things on that list that I’m looking forward to, I can assure you.