Off the beaten tracks of this blog: I just noticed that one of the searches that this blog comes up as an option for is “how to pronounce docere.” With my limited knowledge of Latin pronunciation, let me be of assistance. (Latin/IPA experts, please correct me below in comments where I err.)

Docere is the verb, “to teach,” which is the root of the modern word doctor. Accordingly, the pronunciation is doe-kay-ray (in IPA, /doˈkeː.re/).

Est (“is,” from the verb esse) is pronounced with a short e: est (IPA: /est/).

Discere, the verb “to learn,” from whence we get words like discipline and disciple, is also pronounced with the same hard c as docere: dis-kay-ray (IPA: /dιs ˈkeː.re/).

For reasons why I chose this Latin phrase for the title, see my about page.