Okay, the title question isn’t entirely serious.

I guess I’m realizing that most of what I’ve been writing lately is so self-oriented: stuff about my progress getting ready, questions I’ve had, my schedule (which is probably my most popular post of late, although that’s not saying much at all). Yes, this blog is mostly for me, in some ways, but part of what I like is talking about issues that other teachers (and maybe some non-educator types) can relate to.

I get the feeling that either 1) most of my readers are on vacation (literally or figuratively) or 2) I’m not saying anything that anyone feels inspired to respond to (or a combination of the two). That’s okay.

Hopefully, in two weeks’ time, I will have more important things to say: things about classroom management, student interaction, the classroom environment, working relationships with colleagues, and the nitty-gritty (so to speak) of a teacher’s life.

Stick with me, intrepid readers – I can’t guarantee the ride will be fun, but it certainly should prove to be interesting.