There’s rarely ever a good time for bad things to happen, but there are notably bad ones. One such bad time is the week prior to starting your first teaching job.

Car broke down last week, and it finally got fixed today. It was a cooling problem, and we had been told a few days ago that it would be about $800 to fix. When we picked it up, the bill came to over $1,000 because of additional, unforeseen problems. (Our cooling system was apparently pretty shot.)

Three out of the four in my family have been sick for the past several days, including myself. (The littlest one is the only one who’s managed not to get sick, thankfully.) A lot of it broke for me last night, but I’m still struggling with throat pain and somewhat of a lack of voice. Because of that, I have not felt up to doing a lot of the work that I need to get done to be ready for next week.

(There have been other things, but I don’t want to go into details.)

I’m just hoping that things start turning around. I need to get a good start, and I can’t let anything get in the way.