One of the perils of being a teacher is having a lot of preparation that happens outside “business hours.” I’m used to having work to do when I get done with work – I did work full-time through most of my undergrad – but this is still a struggle for me.

One of the perks, on the other hand, is the schedule, especially regarding holidays. But there is a sinister dark side to holiday weekends for teachers.

See, when you work a “normal” job – that is, one that doesn’t come home with you – the holiday weekend is one more day to relax. For teachers, however, that extra day is of little or no import: it is in fact one more day that we could be getting work done that we need to do but can’t won’t because, well, a holiday is a day to relax, not to work. And additionally, the whole weekend is pretty much like that.

So in fact, the holiday weekend is deceiving: rather than providing more time in which things can be accomplished, there is actually less time available for actual work.*

And then you get students coming back from the long weekend and wishing they weren’t back in school. (While secretly you wish the same.)

Oh well, you take the good with the bad. Even when you get exasperated enough that you want to throw things (don’t ask, please), this vocation is still one of the greatest jobs in the world, and the occasional inconvenience of a holiday weekend is worth it.

*Unless you’re one of those really on-the-ball people who has prepared way in advance and can enjoy the holiday weekend guilt-free, in which case don’t talk to me.